Landscaping Maintenance

Peninsula Landscaping provides full-service landscape maintenance for commercial, industrial & municipal properties.
We participate in maintenance contracts put to tender as well as the private market corporate clients landscaping maintenance needs.

We can design a landscaping maintenance programme to suit your site and budget covering all aspects of the landscape including irrigation efficiency, plant health, turf care and remedial landscaping when necessary. 

Maintenance is an essential part of ensuring the landscaping continues to fulfill the role intended i.e. to enhance the outdoor space for your enjoyment,  remain an asset to your investment and create an environmentally friendly area within an urban setting.

Our landscape management philosophy approaches the maintenance of the landscape from a comprehensive, long-term perspective.  We understand the needs of the landscape including soil, plant material and the specific ecosystem. Through our landscape assessment plan we also include your budgetary and site management requirements into our program.

  • General cleaning and weeding of beds
  • Re-planting annuals
  • Straightening or re-staking trees
  • Lawn topdressing
  • Lawn mowing
  • Lawn weeding
  • Edging
  • Mulching / composting beds
  • Pruning trees and hedges
  • Deadheading plants & hedges
  • Sweeping paved areas
  • Monitoring irrigation system and reporting
  • Irrigation maintenance
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