Residential & Commercial Landscaping Services in Cape Town

Residential (Large Scale)

Landscaping residential homes is a very personalized experience as it needs to reflect the individuals who inhabit the space.  Pleasing design, choice of color, and texture are all sensory experiences and contribute to one's overall sense of well being.  With consideration for future weather patterns and environmental concerns, our aim is to use resilient plants to provide beautiful gardens, attract birds and bees and re-establish eco-systems.  To this end, we also only use organic fertilizers and avoid the use of poisons in gardens.

General cleaning and weeding of beds
Re-planting annuals
Straightening or re-staking trees
Lawn topdressing
Lawn mowing
Lawn weeding
Mulching / composting beds
Pruning trees and hedges
Deadheading plants & hedges
Sweeping paved areas
Monitoring irrigation system and reporting
Irrigation maintenance


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